High Tech Biking

This spring our family took up biking!  I realized that I had a number of gizmos laying around and I thought would be fun to mount them on my bike. It started innocently enough with a GPS, but grew to include my Motorola Droid Phone, 2 meter ham radio (with mobile antenna), a Talkabout 2-way FRS radio, weather-proof speakers, and a 2 watt battery powered amplifier.

The antenna for the ham radio mounts on the rear rack via a custom bracket I fabricated. The mount I created allows me to also keep the trailer bike attached with the pannier bags on each side. While there isn’t a great ground plane for this type of antenna, it works better then the smaller antenna the radio has.

Below you can see how the the normal setup for works. My daughter usually rides on the trailer bike where the second speaker is mounted with a quick-disconnect cord. Polka music never sounded so good!

My wife and I trade off pulling the younger two kids in the trailer, so I added a quick disconnect mount to accommodate that as well. Yes I know… it looks like a train.

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